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Quick question about updating an App on the app store

JCFordJCFord Posts: 785Member
Hi I have several apps on the app store all on version 1.0.

I am currently making some improvements to one of my apps, how do I go about submitting the updated app. Do I have to make new App ID & Provision, or do I use the same one and the update is simply just uploaded through iTunes connect?



  • BeyondtheTechBeyondtheTech Posts: 809Member
    Everything is the same. Just be sure to change the version number in GameSalad when Publishing, then update the binary and details in iTunes Connect.
  • JCFordJCFord Posts: 785Member
    Thank you beyond-the-tech. At what point can you update the keywords? Is it once I have uploaded the new app, while it waits for review?
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