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Sprite Sheets

Hello, I'm new to GameSalad. Just a quick question: Do Sprite Sheets work with GameSalad?


  • Braydon_SFXBraydon_SFX Posts: 9,116Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Bowlboy Sidekick GameSalad Employee
    edited April 2013
    Nope - sorry!

    Go to the images tab and click the little "+" sign at the bottom left. Navigate and select the graphics you'd like to import into the game. You can also drag and drop our images into the images inspector.
  • SnapFireStudiosSnapFireStudios Posts: 1,603Member
    Keep in mind that it is an upcoming feature.
    Perhaps @CodeWizard could tell us if it has already been started on or not? I believe they were waiting for the Mac UI to be finished before moving to things such as this. :-/
    - Thomas

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  • stargames66stargames66 Posts: 2Member
    Thanks for the info guys! I really like this game engine.
  • KillerPenguinStudiosKillerPenguinStudios Posts: 1,291Member

    Hello, I'm new to GameSalad. Just a quick question: Do Sprite Sheets work with GameSalad?

    Here is what I do if I have a sprite sheet. I take the sheet and put it in a program such as PhotoShop then cut out the pictures so that your image consist of just one of the images. I do this for all the images on the sprite sheet. Say for instance on my sprite sheet it consisted of 8 frames to make up a run. At the end of the process I would have 8 separate images. (All need to be the same size canvas) I save them as PNG's then upload them into GameSalad. When wanting to animate them I create an animate rule then insert the images. (Make sure the images are in order as GameSalad doesnt
  • DanielDesignerDanielDesigner Posts: 16Member
    edited July 2014

    @CodeWizard said:
    It's absolutely on my list of things for us to tackle. More news as it's available!

    waiting for good news! Thanks!

  • smurftedsmurfted Posts: 504Member, PRO

    Did sprite sheets become possible?

  • GnarlyGnarly canadaPosts: 840Member

    @smurfted said:
    Did sprite sheets become possible?

    No, images have to be imported as before. wow. You pulled that from 2013.

  • GrimmGhostsGrimmGhosts Posts: 33Member, PRO


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