Sound quits playing on device (iPad and iPhone)

I am testing on an iPad mini and an iPhone 4s. After playing a few levels (9) of a game I am working on the sound quits playing. Is there a way to clear the cach or memory after each level of play? This is not a good situation, is there a fix?


  • CORE GameCORE Game Member, PRO Posts: 280
    I have a game up and running with HUGE sounds and music, I never faced this issue, can you please clarify if you are using the correct type (sound or music) and what is the size of your music? what format are you importing? You might have a problem with your music/sound file.

  • MayhemmmartyMayhemmmarty Member, PRO Posts: 39
    Sounds imported as mp3 from Garageband. Not imported as music files, just sound files. The longest sound is approx 5 seconds.
  • MayhemmmartyMayhemmmarty Member, PRO Posts: 39
    Through the course of trial and error I found that I had an rule setup for certain collisions to play a sound which had been removed from the file. So the play sound command was for NONE. However, the "positional sound" check box was checked. I don't know how that was impacting all my other sounds but it was. Now that it is unchecked my sounds are playing properly.
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