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Green Hawk 3D Renderings

A 3D rendering of the Green Hawk, the ship you pilot in Galastar. I completely redid it from scratch, the old one didn't have that metallic texture to it. Google Sketchup doesn't really have shaders, so I made the new one in Maya, it was slightly simplified (Removed one of the elevators on the wings), and revised a bit (such as the broader wings).

Render 1
photo Render1_zpse4319db1.png

Render 2 (My personal favorite)
photo Render2_zps1a1ab40d.png

Render 3
photo Render3_zps97f55e60.png

Render 4
photo Render4_zps9d97a81d.png

Render 5 (Another favorite)
photo Render5_zps0ad3266b.png

Render 6
photo Render6_zpsb740ad32.png

Old Green Hawk Model
photo GreenHawkHD_zpse92111bf.png
photo GreenHawkTopDown3D_zpsdb28c442.png

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