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Any way of increasing the tempo of the music....

butterbeanbutterbean Posts: 4,315Member, PRO
Is there any way of increasing the tempo of the background music when say, a score of 5,000 is reached, and keep doing that every 5K points?


  • sdparduesdpardue Posts: 110Member
    I usually opt for the simple and obvious. So, if your music files aren't too large, you could load multiple versions of the music from which your rules can pick.

    if game.high score > 5000 and < 10000, stop the current music, play "faster music" or something like that. you probably wouldn't want to keep increasing the tempo as their score got higher, since I would anticipate it would be an annoying blur at a score of 200,000. Plus, it's not practical to load very many versions of your music, for size reasons.

    That's all I've got... but you've probably already considered this solution.

  • butterbeanbutterbean Posts: 4,315Member, PRO
    Thanks, that's what I figured, didn't know if there was an option in the sound files to do that, but I will probably stick with that plan :)
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