Intergrating "Daily Deals"?

Hello all,

In regards to Iaps, there is an estimate 10 different Iaps a user can choose from. Is it acceptable by apple standards to include "Daily Deals", where each day a discounted offer is made to the user.

I seen games like Hay Day do this with their gems, but they have access to their severs ect. And it's consumable.

If it's precoded and have additional Iaps for these deals, would you say that is fine? It took a while to get It functioning correctly (without IAps, just replacement buttons) , insuring content is given, and since it's non consumable, and which deals to show depending on what has been bought.
So it will be set according so it's not "dodgy" looking or attempting to rip of any user, it's simply giving an option to take advantage of some discounts.
Your thoughts?

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