Be+Random (The No Skills Required Game) Lol

iamcarteziamcartez Houston, TexasMember Posts: 648
Hey guys,

So before I came back to GS fulltime, I tried to learn Objective-C and the Xcode mumbo jumbo confusion fest.. I wanted to build a game that would allow players to challenge each through random spins for the highest score... I got that part down however the social integration and leaderboard part was hard with only a few weeks of knowledge so I got help from a developer and pretty much let him took over to implement the login system and scoreboard...

Submitted the app two weeks ago! REJECTED!!!

Took all of the fancy features and submitted it bare bones without the login system and it was accepted :/..

I present to you...... Be+Random (BeeRandom in the store <<< developer put the wrong title in the code and I forgot to change it when resubmitting.)

Crazy thing is that I'm averaging about 5 downloads a day. My GS app looks 100x better so I feel that there is hope now...
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