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    Heads up guys. May have found a critical bug/error. If you tap on purchase special events it says ERROR: PICE.
    Thanks! I'll escalate this on up .

    *edit escalation sent.

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    Yeah @rp i hit the button and it said something like "purchase error:PICE not found" something like that.
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    Wow I sandbox tested IAP too! Thanx! Will expedite a fix and update.
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    Okay so I went into iTunes connect and some who they said developer turned them off! I never did I even tested them in Sandbox! But I just activated them so it may take a hour to make it into the system will test it in a few minutes. Thanx @anatomyofdream would you like a PUCK IT tshirt?
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    Okay just tested all IAP all set and good to go!!!!
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    Getting this! great job it looks very unique
    will leave a review!

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    Got this earlier Dave, just a few points if I may;

    Very polished, lots of lovely features, awesome art work and nice game play.

    Initial load is too long for me, should have the option to touch and skip the introductions.

    I found when playing attacking mode, I didnt know what to do to add my bumpers, player etc .. It was only due to the promo video I knew I should be adding them. Maybe some more visual representation to show me to touch the area etc would help.

    When playing, after conceding a goal, it takes too long for me for the relaunch button to appear.

    Lastly, this one is probably just me but I couldnt find the Pause button for ages! It was only by mistake I found it! Like I said though, this one was probably down to me being stupid.

    Hope you find my feedback useful.

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    Puck said "I guess you weren't smart enough to figure it out after all" He said if you had pressed the button like he told you to you would have been brought to the full instruction video.

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    @beefy_clyro Thanks Beefy!

    I sent this on up and Pucky says he guesses that you are not smart enough to figure out how to play the game (as he mentions in his locker room speech). :P Hey I'm just the messenger here, Pucky told me me to tell you!!!

    Thanks for the great comments.

    Yeah, we know there is a bit of a length to have to go through the main into again, we ha talked about placing in a touch-to-skip or a intro skip option after the initial play through.

    The puck relaunch delay is due to a few thing resetting once a score is made, it also has buffer time to ensure that any other special events that are running don't overlap with launching a new puck, etc.

    The pause button had not been an issue yet, but we'll keep a redesign of the pause in mind in case it becomes a hot topic.

    Ah I see Dave talked to Pucky too.
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    You mean futher instructions like this...lol

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    Woah woah woah Pucky, I did figure it out, all on my own :p

    I'm a man though, what man follows instructions or reads a manual? lol

    Yeh after initial play, a touch to skip would be nice. I gathered there was a reason with the puck relaunch.
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    @rp a possible suggestion for the time delay in the puck reset is to kinda fool the player. Maybe make a simple animation of the puck making its way back to the ice. Something to distract the audience into making them believe its not loading, but instead part of the experience. Or maybe some kind of winning goal animation. I agree about the intro, definitely need to be able to bypass that. I originally thought it was meant to be a staller for those who didn't buy the game (ie to be able to quickly bypass this, purchase the game, etc)

    @fryingbaconstudios thanks for the offer but no worries. Just doing my part in the community like everybody else. No need for reward. But thanks again :)
    I have to say that you and @rp (i believe- worked on it too?) have done a damn good job with this game. The physics are pretty inspiring and the overall experience are immersive. Very solid effort.
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    Most of the puck delay has to do with the voice overs completing. This was the hardest coding to do to make the voice work seem live and natural to the game. Some sacrifices had to be made to accommodate both. But I will see if I can work it better before the monthly update.
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    This is the best air hockey app I've ever played on my iPad! I just left you a 5 star review. Hope the sales are going well.
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    @anatomyofdreams yeah I hear what you are saying. We had an earlier concept where the puck would drop down from above and wobble on the table like a coin until it was ready. A feed back mechanism was another, but it just seemed to crowd the design too much. Another version had the ref dropping the puck and also do coin tosses. There are more tables with different themes on the way. We'll see what we work in.

    We will definitely make tweaks to the game as as we go along. We are anticipating updates to GS that will help some of the inner workings as we move ahead. We ran into some areas where design ideas did not pan out so well with performance. I'm sure that now GS have the significant improvements implemented for the creator we'll get to explore more possibilities.

    Yes I think we will address the intro skip.

    Yup that was me and Fry on this one. I had a concept for a game of air hockey meets pinball with RTS elements and arcade attitude. David was intrigued and had some great ideas and methods to carry out the logic so we decided to jump on this on as our first project.

    We put together a rough concept build in about a month I think. I worked on the game design and concept art while David was figuring out how he was going to deal with the all the bumpers, curved services and physics via code. Once we got his table working, we added in our working alpha build assets. Almost every day we Skyped to talk about our projects, give status updates, changes, opinions etc.. When we were hard pressed on an idea or goal we'd just have Skype rock'n all day like a regular office day. We did the project remotely.

    So after our initial design of the game David's main focus was Coding followed by video, sound, music, voice, animation. My Main focus was: Art/design, animation, sound, voice

    I'm sure there is lots of other stuff we did that I'm leaving out. Of course this does not exclude the countless hours of testing we did. Over and over and over...

    I'm glad we're taking a breather for a bit. Since we started this project I had not gotten my hands dirty in serious code in a while, but @FryingBaconStudios caught me the other day lol! See? (*edited pic of my concept out out, sorry!). I even started playing with a really old concept and made a working build the other morning with him while we Skyped over coffee.

    *edit sorry, I posted a pic of a concept game. I was thinking pro sections silly me.
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    tooky down forgot not in pro section.
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    Care to share the download averages in the initial days of release?
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    @Slickzero We went live on the sixteenth at like 9:00pm est and in that three hours as reporting ends at 12:00 we had 16 and today as of right now 5:01pm Apple still hasn't posted yesterday's data iTunes still says delay. We still have some posting to do on the game sites and I'm working on a one minute trailer. @RP got a break but I'm smack in the middle of a contract project.

    @anatomyofdream you hit it right on the head. That is exactly what we were going for. Both @RP and I have film and video backgrounds so we talked a great deal about using all the senses available to us with the express goal of drawing the user into an immersive experience. in many ways we treated it more like a film than a game. In regards to how it had to feel and sound and look.

    @RP sacrificed his game coding and such to focus mainly on creating the richest most detailed art imaginable. just look in the audiences as they are holding cameras, drinks,popcorn and banners.

    Look at the menu background the detail in the rafters and the lighting feel. Not one detail slipped by him. We would talk it out and he would go make it and it was always awesome. The two of us we're definitely zen the whole time and in sync, we rarely disagreed about anything we were doing. We trusted each others talent and knew to expect each other to constantly have something else up our sleeve. Never had a day in five months that @RP disappointed me. He was always on his game. I was so impressed with him I called my partner with the Gleeson Group and told him we need to bring him on board. We gave him a cut of a Golden Book franchise we own that in the 90s sold millions and had it's own section of toys and cards in Walmart.
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    You guys should get Appannie if you haven't already. So much easier to have the numbers reported direction to your inbox rather than going to iTunes every 10 mins...
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    Okay now Mr. Fry, crank the wheel back, you are making me blush. :\">
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    @FryingBaconStudios & @RP, looks like a very well polished game - best of luck with it :) As for the 1-star review that is just so low doing something like that for something that obviously has required lots of effort. It's the digitally equivalent of being as cowardly as scratching ones car. There will always be brainless kids out there and then there are those ones that just are plain evil persons, not much can be done about that. Luckily most of the people out there are respectful ones though, as should be.
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    Good job on finally releasing it. A lot of work went into to make it very polished. Good luck with it all :)
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    @RP made a custom TV for it and I will be updating the vid and we will be sending it out to all the review sites tomorrow.
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