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Moomo's Adventure - Now on App Store

hamarohamaro Posts: 31Member
Time for my second game with Gamesalad!
I present to you:

Moomo's Adventure
photo 524210_354815701305880_398469625_n_zpscd70f35d.png

Follow Moomo on an adventure, when he one day suddenly catches sight of some objects falling from the sky. Moomo goes on a mission, to find out what fell from the sky
In search of the objects Moomo will meet several different opponents and bosses, who will try to stop him.
Help him to find all the objects that are hidden on each level.

48 exciting levels.
15 different enemies.
6 unique bosses.
iPhone 5 Support.
Supports Retina.

Moomo's Adventure Plus, 0.99$:

Moomo's Adventure, Free:

iOS 5.0+

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I hope you enjoy! :)


  • BazookaTimeBazookaTime Posts: 1,274Member
    Looks cool.
  • iamcarteziamcartez Houston, TexasPosts: 648Member
    Aww the Chikfila cow's brother is kicking butt... I'll check it out and like your page as well!
  • MVLMVL Posts: 71Member
    Game Looks Awesome! Will have to check it out!
  • WbokoWboko Tennessee, USAPosts: 621Member, PRO
    Super Job!!!

    I am headed over t check it out!!!
  • hamarohamaro Posts: 31Member
    Thanks for all the comments guys! Please leave a review if you like it:)
  • charliehgreencharliehgreen ArizonaPosts: 233Member
    Downloaded it last night and I must say I enjoy playing it. For some reason it reminds me of Super Mario.

    I love it though, it's addicting

    great job :)
  • SolarPepperStudiosSolarPepperStudios Posts: 754Member
    I really like the art in it! It reminds me of Super Mario World, which happens to be my favorite Mario game. :D
  • RUPASRUPAS Posts: 823Member
    I played the game, I liked it, the controls are very smooth, and the gameplay is good, I just found a problem, it's too easy! I spent the entire game without losing a single life, now I have 19 lives! you must implement more difficulty doing more fun. congratulations
  • hamarohamaro Posts: 31Member
    Really glad you guys like the graphics and the controls! Was a major goal of mine to get it right!
    I think it would be quite easy to spice up the gameplay and difficulty in an update :D
    Have you already beaten all levels 48 levels Rupas? Good job!:)
  • NovicaStudioNovicaStudio Posts: 174Member
    Nice job! This is a pretty awesome game. I especially love how you play as a cow :D
  • alexconsincalexconsinc Posts: 54Member
    Awesome game! Love it! Left a 5 start review
  • hamarohamaro Posts: 31Member
    Moomo's Adventure, Update 1.0.1
    All levels are free!
    You don't have to unlock after level 24 to play all levels anymore :)
    Game on everyone!
  • PBEmpirePBEmpire Posts: 676Member
    Looks cool! I have downloaded the free version to try it out.
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