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The race to free

artfishartfish Posts: 369Member, PRO
Not only are we as Developers forced to figure out ways to make money when the average player expects everything to be free, in an amazing announcement, this morning, Unity announced it has made it's mobile game development license now free for indies.


  • iamcarteziamcartez Houston, TexasPosts: 648Member
    Well wow... Unity looks complicated and powerful lol...
  • mounted88mounted88 Posts: 1,113Member
    iamcartez said:

    Well wow... Unity looks complicated and powerful lol...

    Check out there showcase a lot of the top games have been made in unity. It is a powerful tool

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  • EireStudiosEireStudios Posts: 451Member
    I took a break from GameSalad and worked with Unity for a year, I must say it is a brilliant game engine and I did some really cool things with it, but you will never find anything else out there that is as easy and fun to work with other than GameSalad, trust me I've tried them all ;)
  • dingosmoovdingosmoov Posts: 130Member
    Unity is a great tool with a great group of guys behind it. The cool thing in the announcement is that it includes Android, iOS and "In the coming months, we will make Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone 8" seriously wow!
  • StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomPosts: 3,987Member
    good deal... that should bring a large shed load of developers over to them..
  • TheGabfatherTheGabfather Posts: 633Member
    edited May 2013
    Ye gods! We just purchased new licenses from Studica less than 2 months ago! Yes that's plural!

    On a side-note gotta agree with @Soulstealer -- we work with a great number of development tools, one of them being Unity. We normally work in groups (mix of undergrads, professors, and alumni) in our lab and that's a-ok especially when you're working on complex games and you need different persons for each specific task. But we also use GameSalad and we're able to roll out games (and some silly applications) at a scarily rapid pace, with less people working on each!

    Our art department members can attest to that. Now they're creating games on their own, without the backing of our programmers! :) ..when you give artists this much power, it's scary! We get like 1-2 polished prototypes with amazing art at the end of each day coming from them... now if only they'll actually finish some of those before creating new ones :)

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  • GrapeSodaGamesGrapeSodaGames Posts: 93Member
    Looks awesome! Definitely giving it a try!

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