Free In App Purchase Question

3itg3itg Member, PRO Posts: 382
If there was a method of monetization that allowed your users to get your IAP for free and the Dev still gets paid, how do you think it would effect your games?

Would it change the way you implement IAP?
If so, how?
Would you assume more people will opt in, and use your IAP?
Would you accept less per click for a larger volume of "sales"?
Would you instantly abuse the system and try to monetize everything?
Would you implement this service along side normal IAP to give your user an option?

I have begun developing a system to accomplish this, that will target Android IAP to start. I cant say much more, as my team and I are bound by an NDA. It is all legit and whatnot... no scam, no broken rules, etc...

As a game dev myself, I get excited at the prospect of a system like this. So I figured I would ask questions here to get a general feel for what other game devs think about the idea.

Any input is greatly appreciated!
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