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Magicy now on App Store

sadioxsadiox Posts: 15Member
Magicy finally available for App Store!

The old witch has returned from the ashes bringing with her new spells that will teach their apprentices to destroy the candies faster, your mission as an apprentice is to destroy the candies with these magic.

The game consists of two modes, the first one is the Divinare mode, in this mode you have 90 seconds to destroy the candies as much as possible, every time you use a magic spell it will increase your time however, beware that you should use the magic strategically.

The other mode is the Cantus mode, you have limited life and again your mission is to destroy the candies as much as possible,but becareful! if you miss a candy you will start losing life, use the magic strategically and you will be able to dominate this mode.

Magicy $0.99

I hope you like it!


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