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Game Design checklist. What do you think?

kietzkietz Posts: 49Member
So let me say I love gamesalad. Im not a programmer, i dont know how to code but this program allowed me to make games. Gamesalad is absolutely wonderful for that.
I do however realize that most of us are here on the forums to discuss art, sound and coding. Even when i wanted to post this i realized that there was no "game design" category to post this discussion in. Since making my game ive gotten more into game design and what makes a great game. Most people would say that a great game just has to be fun. But how do you go from idea to fun game?
Thats why i decided to create a chart of game ideas and things we know make a game fun and interesting.
This is a chart made by me, and i do know i might have put my own bias. I just wanted to get some other opinions on what people think about my list. Keep in mind that this is very general. Of course theres no secret formula to make a hit game but these are the things i think about when i play my game or someone elses game.

Questions to ask when designing a game.

- Types Of Games; What category does the game fall under? Multiple types?

*Chess Type game; First person shooters, Fighting games, Strategy games, Sports

- Strategy, movement, outwit enemy

- Weapons, characters, conflict.

- Progress by defeating opponents.

- Balance between player and enemies.

- Various stages of challenging tasks; enemies and bosses.

- Certain areas are challenging but not too difficult.

*Scavenger hunt; RPGs, Platformers, Point and click

- List of quests or achievements

- Story might be linear but the player has a choice of what to accomplish and in what order.

- Narrative driven game, has high score or other motivational tool

- Game has an ending or ultimate achievement to attain.

*Construction game; Puzzle games, Simulation, Minecraft

- Interact with the world by building, destroying or assembling structures.

- Acquire resources, amass a bigger and better world.

- Not necessarily a story driven game.

*Gambling Game

~ Slot machines, card games, tabletop games

- Games that have a random outcome.

- Players maximize their odds to win the game.

- Little or no story involved.

- Challenges; what are the challenges that the player faces?






- Goals; So the player has a feeling of constant improvement.

- Short Term

Gain Loot

Beat enemies

Open Doors

- Long Term

Beat Level

Get high score

Beat Game

- Rewards; Expected, random and “carrot on a stick”.

Let the player know that more loot/levels can be gained

Containers with random rewards for motivation.

Let the player see the progress through visuals.

Rewards should be attainable. No carrot on a stick.

- Setbacks; Setbacks that are too harsh can ruin a game experience.

Taking damage reduces life point.

Loss of items/money.

Restart level? Check point?

Taking too much away from the player can result in frustration.

- Found Or Told?; Making the game progress by a mix of finding and telling.

What does the game tell you?

The game should present a “box” for you to open and explore.

They player should be able to find their way through the game without too much hand holding.
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