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7 days of pain...

Player_EPlayer_E Posts: 604Member, PRO
(just a rant)

I uploaded an update for my game Mother Earth 7 days ago. it took 4 days to go from waiting for review to in review now it has been in review for 3 days.

I have stopped "advertising" for my game since I have made some major changes and improved the game play I do not want to sell people a game that it not at its best so I have chosen to wait till my update finally loads.

and apple seems to be taking their sweet sweet time doing so and I'm a little frustrated because like I said i've taken 7 days off of "advertising" my game and I can defiantly see the difference in sales. I went from 10+ a day to 1 or 2 a day... hopefully when the update comes out and I et back to the forums I will see even more than 10+ a day :)

Like I said just a rant


  • bladeolsonbladeolson Posts: 295Member
    review process does seem to indeed have slowed down for iPhone apps recently. iPad seems to be the priority.
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