Best marketing route?

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I was just wondering what's the best marketing route to go through for a game;
e.g) In terms of ASO (App store optimisation) And the marketing parts I can do myself. I generally launch my app on a Saturday or Sunday as that's when most apps are downloaded according to appannie.

I also try to focus on keywords and finding the best ones, But I never really found a service for this? It would be handy if there was one!

But then when it comes to Public Marketing & PR I never know what to do, I mean we indies just don't have the services like EA & Clickgamer... That doesn't mean we should sell out to them, It just means we need to find how to market our apps?

I am aware of PR Mac and they're great and all that, But all they really offer I a 20% start off boost,
Then there's review sites and there was a big list of review sites floating around this community for a few years now albeit; I have no idea where it's gone!, But I have a copy of it on my mac somewhere....

So basically what I wanted to start with this thread is a big discussion of marketing tips & techniques and/or recommendations of services.... I think this would be helpful to all!

Jack L


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    I'm writing a book on this very subject :). I do believe there is a keyword service, but its expensive.
  • LeonardDeveloperLeonardDeveloper Member Posts: 4,630
    I really look forward to your book!, If you don't mind, Could you share the name of the service anyway? If you can remember :)
  • Team6LabsTeam6Labs Member Posts: 541
    @LeonardDeveloper Thanks, I have about 9 pages so far. I don't know the name of the service offhand sorry.
  • dwibredwibre Member Posts: 192
    Here are a couple of sites for keywords.
    Ive got load to talk about on this subject but not much time right now so will post back soon.
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    Excellent idea Jack,

    This has been on my mind during development, I have no experince with the AppStore but I do lots of reading now its getting close, so I have bit more of a theory aspect rather than a practical as my words won't mean that much to most people. But here is my upcoming plans.

    Made a simple game, something that is simple but fun to play, release it for free and put some love into it and get some downloads, hopefully this gives me a starting base of users to work with. May not be much but its better than starting with none. Not only can I put ads into it for the main release game but it also a quick experince and test as to what and how the App Store works.

    After a few weeks, release the main game, it too is free so it's easier for people to check out. As well as that, I have been starting to make contacts with Facebook pages, forums and blogs. As well as this I have gone out of my way for something special (will let you know after I try it :) )

    Plan to go through a process where I find key words that similar apps have, combing that with words I get some randoms to search if they were going to try find a game like mine without knowing the title.

    Making a good game that is in demand or new not just good looking (Darren seems to make good games ect but I feel it's not what people are looking to play, maybe it would help finding a specific group that likes those types )

    Realise your game is not for everyone, choose your target audience and stick to it. It's hard a first but it's easier for word of mouth apparently.

    Get to know app reviewes , not there email address.

    Be friendly on GS Forums, I seem to get the feeling a lot of people view these but dont ever say a word. The moment I see people Complaining or trying to be the father of the forums i intend not to look in thier threads when they made a game. But that might just be me.

    You have Promo codes (if paid) be creative, start contest, give always, or team up with other developers who are also promoting and that they could also win a free copy of your game ect.
    I enter these all the time, never win, but I like to enter.

    Update the game. A part from unexpected bugs, I have plans for three updates that I know of , keep it updated, keep your user base engaged. I also like to hopefully offer some free stuff if they up date so they will update the game and play some more.

    Make it easy to leave feedback. (Haven't looked too much into this but it's seems important as some people like me, like to leave or just say a few words to the developers.)

    That's the basics of what I have. Of course as mentioned its all in theory, and its all over the web. What seems to annoy me is that people create and leave, see it doesn't get what they were looking for and start a new project. Make an update guys, don't give up till you have tried everything.

    So that's my input and I look forward to reading some actually practical experince from some members

  • Team6LabsTeam6Labs Member Posts: 541
    @123App It's often easier and more beneficial (and profitable) for someone to start a new project than try to spend time trying to revive old ones.
  • Bad wolf GuyBad wolf Guy Member Posts: 206

    Didn't mention anything about trying to revive old games , if they have "died" then so be it. But if you had active updates and interactions there is chance that the game not die.Maybe it's just my perspective on things, but I think what your trying to imply that by giving up and starting a new project it is going to get you that one step closer to making that million dollar smash hit app. If your not taking the time to learn and fix from your original games I just don't see that happening.

    It's just my opinion as in this time of day, your not going to be able to "just release a game" . You have to stick with and use the user base to gain more. One way to do this is through consitent updates with new features. But agree that in some cases it may not be benifical to do so, but if you with it from the start, I can only see it helping. Just my opinion.
  • Team6LabsTeam6Labs Member Posts: 541
    @123App Hey, Angry Birds is Rovio's 52nd app. and they are doing well. but yeah, i get the jist of your post. Updates are important ways to keep the user base engaged. If you have a popular app, then stick with it in terms of updating it. If it's dead, then start a new project.
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    Marketing..PR.. :-/ My head hurt thinking about it :P
    But after some Googling i found a site that full with ios app marketing, promotion articles and resources. I know this only cover for ios distribution in iTunes appstore, but the ground rules can be used for other appstore as well.

    Here's the link :

  • MonsterMikeMonsterMike Member Posts: 13
    Marketing PR is exactly what we specialize in as we specifically aim to ensure smaller app companies & independent app developers get the most from a great video review. Feel free to scroll through our site @ Our currently running App Exclusive Collage / Mash Up is where all the great deals are. Follow us on Twitter @xMonsterMobilex to follow along with our updates and giveaways. Cheers
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