State of GameSalad on 6-12-2013

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Hello! It's that time again... time for another weekly state of GameSalad post.

Estimated Stable Build Schedule

We’re still holding off on releasing any new stable builds. More bug fixes and optimizations are in progress in the nightly builds. Head over to the “PRO - Working With GameSalad” forum for more info.

What’s New This Week?

1. We’re still fixing bugs and optimizing code this week. Specifically we implemented a few general Lua optimizations and fixed a bug with the nightly build that caused unconstrained memory growth in some cases. This seemed to be caused by a misconfiguration of our nightly build scripts. Neato.

2. We’re still looking into the font bug with Zapfino this week. Put it on the backburner a bit because it was driving us crazy. Will pick it up again any day now.

3, Implementation of asynchronous multiplayer support has begun.

4. We’re still making progress on interviewing and hiring more top-tier engineering talent. We’re talking to one engineer that has 20 years of game engine design and development experience. Are you a skilled developer or do you know of one in Austin, TX? Send them to

Let’s Talk About Async Multiplayer

We’ve completed an initial design pass on async multiplayer support and have begun implementing it. Here’s the highlights of how it works and some answers to common questions about it:

1. It is cross platform.

2. It supports your users creating accounts and logging into your game via email.

3. You’ll have the option of turning on async multiplayer support for your game. This will enable more options in Creator and add new tables that contain your game’s multiplayer state.

4. There will be ten new tables created automatically for you when you enable multiplayer support: one table holds game-wide state, one table holds a list of games that your user is engaged in and eight tables hold player-specific state for the currently active game.

5. Yes, that means there’s a maximum of eight players in async multiplayer games.

6. Several new behaviors are being created: NetworkRegisterPlayer, NetworkLoginPlayer, NetworkLogoutPlayer, NetworkCreateGame, NetworkGetAvailableGames, NetworkGetMyGames, NetworkJoinGame, NetworkEndGame, NetworkQuitGame, NetworkPersistPlayerData, NetworkLoadPlayerData, NetworkPersistGameData, NetworkLoadGameData.

We’ll release more details as we make implementation progress. Exciting times!


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