Best way to transfer all setings from one mac to another?

Jogos_TDAJogos_TDA PRO Posts: 46
What would be the best way to export settings from and old mac to a new Mac to publish GS games?

I already have Mac #1 setup and runnig for publishing ios games(, but I bought myself a new Mac now and I want to transfer all settings from macincloud to the new one.

I downloaded the my distribution and developer certificates from and also in XCode Organizer I selected my team and exported from macincloud then imported in my mac.
But when I try to publish I get this error message:

could not sign because no developer identity matching

Do I have to make anything new or is it possible to just export and import everything?

What did I miss?


  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Member Posts: 9,914
    You have to export the certs. There is a proper way look it up on apple developer portal. All your provisioning just open Xcode and open organizer and hit refresh.
  • kolabokolabo Member Posts: 240
    Yes, like FryingBaconStudios says, you have to export the certificates. I did this a couple of months ago in mac 10.8.3, and it worked for me.
    - On the old computer:
    While in the Finder, type shift-command-g to bring up a search box.
    In the search field, type ~/Library/Keychains
    make a copy of the keychains on a usb stick
    - On the new computer:
    Do the same search
    (I put a tilde sign at the end of the existing keychain, so as not to erase it until I'm sure I don't need it anymore)
    Copy in the keychains
    Test before erasing anything.

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