iPad to Android Publishing

Hey all!

Currently I'm only making apps for iPad, but am now seriously thinking about going Pro and converting my already made apps to be available for Android. A bit uncertain on what to do after upgrading.. wondering if anyone has any tips or knows any helpful tutorials for doing this? (That is, on reformatting for Android, or any other hiccups I may run into in the conversion process?)

Thank you!


  • lycettebroslycettebros Member, PRO Posts: 1,598
    My suggestions is to search the forum there is much to consider and information to collate. I cannot write it in one post but I find I have to iteratively work through each problem I come across, as I work, and search for intelligence on it from the forums, cookbook etc. :)
  • KatAppsKatApps Member, PRO Posts: 84
    Thanks @lycettebros, I do plan on doing all the things you mentioned!

    I think I'm also just looking for some general insight as to how tricky (or relatively easy) it is to convert already made apps to a different device - hopefully from developers who have already done so :)
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