State of GameSalad 6-19-2013

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Hello! It's that time again... time for another weekly state of GameSalad post.

Estimated Stable Build Schedule

We’re still holding off on releasing any new stable builds. More bug fixes and optimizations are in progress in the nightly builds. Head over to the “PRO - Working With GameSalad” forum for more info.

What’s New This Week?

1. We made our first sweet hire this week. We hired a skilled game engine programmer named Brian Hapgood. This dude has written all kinds of code over his 20 years in game development. He’s got lots of experience making and optimizing game engines. We’re super excited to have him on the team! Wish him luck as he dives into the code and gets his feet wet! :)

2. We’re continuing to look for some new hires to help cover some weaknesses in our current staffing. Will keep you abreast of the developments on this front.

3. We fixed some issues with the viewer in the nightly builds.

4. We also found and fixed some issues with publishing binaries with nightly builds. This caused our engine changes to actually not be properly available to you when creating adhoc / release builds. This should be all straightened out and available to you sometime tomorrow.

5. We’re doing another refactor of our Lua code to properly support async multiplayer. Progress is being made!

6. Some internal staffing changes have derailed the engineering team a bit as we shuffle to take on new responsibilities. Most notable of this is how we handle creating new builds of the creator and engine. Things are well in hand but this has delayed a few features we hoped to have ready this week.

7. We’ve adjusted some things about how we handle TGA files on the publishing server.

8. We’re getting ahead of the iOS 7 changes publicized by Apple last week. We’ve got things compiling and working for the most part already. Should be able to get the remaining niggly bits taken care of this next week. We’ll then turn our attention to integrating new features provided by this upgrade.

9. I hear that stretch mode and custom loading wheels might be started any day now.


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