Xbox One or Playstation 4?

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I was leaning towards the ps4 until I read this morning that Microsoft has reversed its policy regarding game resales and Internet connection.

Are you buying one and if so which one are you going for?

Anyone buying both?



  • CoolBeeCoolBee Member Posts: 81
    I have an xbox atm after selling my ps3, and this gen was probably looking at getting a ps4 but I think ultimately I'll try to get what all my friends get so to play with them, That being said with work and keeping the mrs happy any free time I do get seem to be spent staring at gamesalad rules!
  • BoomshackBarryBoomshackBarry Member Posts: 712
    Well I've been with xbox360 this past generation so I'd be inclined to carry on with that, just for the sake of keeping all the achievements I've collected since 2006, and more importantly my friends list.

    I can't help but feel that this is the least exciting new generation launch I've ever experienced though, maybe things will change when I see some jaw dropping footage of the new games lineup, but right now I don't think I'll be in any hurry to replace my trusty 360 and gaming laptop for a while.
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    I used to be a Sony guy and was part of their gamer advisory panel and when the three came out I switched to Xbox and now that Xbox is making the same mistakes Sony did, I'm switching back to Sony. I used to be a top player on socom so I'm looking forward to getting back to a third person shooter now that Sony learned it's lesson. I think the Xbox crew is too arrogant for their own good. I don't think they learned their lesson yet.
  • dwibredwibre Member Posts: 192
    Can I call this and Xbox180 lol
  • BoomshackBarryBoomshackBarry Member Posts: 712
    Can I call this and Xbox180 lol
    Nice one :))
  • StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomMember Posts: 3,987
    Someone's just told me Microsoft have changed their mind... no drm, sell and swap your games all you want.... phew...
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    hence the 180 joke before.... hmm... I'm having a slow brain day......

    ... and even slower... just read Darrens top post... I really should have learnt to read threads in the right order by now...
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    Microsoft seems awfully full of themselves. Since I've only played on Xbox360 for years I actually think I'll be purchasing a PS3 (after the PS4 comes out and its cheap, with cheap games) and finally get a chance to play the Uncharted series and The Last Of Us.
  • RexCarsalotRexCarsalot Member Posts: 96
    Ha, well at least SOMETHING has changed in the wake of the government (US) spying scandel. Most of us already knew, but, this controversy helped expose the fact that your Xbox is spying on you. Between that, Sony practically mocking them at every turn, and their customer base flipping out and not buying their "strong pre-order sales" lies, they did the only thing they could do which is reverse course. Not to get all political or anything, but citizens everywhere can learn something from this Xbox fiasco. Put even just a small amount of pressure on corporate execs and politicians, and they WILL cave, every time. They need us way more than we need them. But people have to stand together and speak up.

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    It all seemed so easy (PS4) until Microsoft's u-turn. Now it's all a level playing field... kind of! Playstation is supposed to be a more powerful system... and if they had Titanfall then it would be a done deal for me :D Microsoft's idea to draw processing power from the cloud sounds cool but I can't see developers taking any real advantage of this without causing fragmentation between systems. My internet is still useless in my area!
  • EOSEOS Member Posts: 74
    Although I owned and enjoyed both the 360 and PS3, I'm leaning a little more towards PS4 for the next gen. I'm interested to see what kind of exclusives they get with indie developers as well as how they improve upon their online service, which I always found lacking compared to the Xbox.
  • SlickZeroSlickZero Houston, TexasMember, Sous Chef Posts: 2,870
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    PS4 all the way. Microsoft changed their plans only after pre-sales were slumped. They weren't listening to responses from people, and had no plans to change, because they figured it would still sell. And all the stupid, disrespectful responses from the higher ups when asked about their DRM left me feeling like a sheep. And not in a good Quantum way, either.

    They weren't listening to the customer, at all. They were trying to dictate to us what we wanted. When people spoke with their wallets after Microsoft didn't listen to requests, THEN they change everything. Microsoft showed me that they don't care about the customer. I mean, look at Windows Millenium, and Vista.

    Although, I do like their Developer Program.
  • WingmanappsWingmanapps Member Posts: 458
    Own Both xbox and ps3.
    Always used my ps3 more. It sort of has better feel. Not to mention durability - bought it on the release day, and it still works perfectly. Så its PS4 all the way. And "the last os us" to kill time
  • 8BitAvrin8BitAvrin Member, PRO Posts: 362
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    I'll buy both eventually like I did for this current generation of consoles(PS3 & 360). Sony continues to have the better exclusives(both AAA & small studios) which makes me gravitate towards it more sometimes. Also PS Plus is wayyy better than Xbox Live Gold, IMO. However, I like the Xbox 360 controller(minus the dpad), interface, achievements, and friend system more. Also, I have a kid so the Kinect is actually used occasionally in my house. I don't buy used games, so that part of the Microsoft fiasco didn't bother me, but the 24 hour connection requirement would have been a bit iffy.

    So yeah, both for me eventually. I have a big backlog on this current generation and neither new system is backwards compatible so no rush for me.

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  • RPRP Member Posts: 1,990
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    MS's attempt to force-feed the new standard of gaming left a nasty taste in my mouth. They back peddled on that the other day, but they had more than enough negative feedback from the industry and gaming community before E3 to change their stance. They put themselves first, gamers last. Not cool. Don't tell us how to play our games, when or where, or remove our ability to share our experiences with friends (that is a big piece of the gaming pie). It's like taking away gaming rights.

    PS4 for now. Xbox One, when things smooth out, price drops and more exclusives come out.
  • FallacyStudiosFallacyStudios Member Posts: 970
    Well if I were to pick one I'd go with PS4 considering Xbox One plans to use their camera to spy on you in your own home. From what I understand that camera needs to be hooked up to even use the thing.
  • BBEnkBBEnk Member Posts: 1,764
    I have 360 had a PS3 it sucked gave it to my nephews who never play it I love XBox live sony network sucks should have never been free and I wanna play TitanFall soooo XBox one here I come, plus I never have play used games don't even buy that many games and I'm always own 24/7 so none of that even matter to me from the beginning ,lol.
    and when it comes to the camera watching me I suggest they don't spy on me when my heart rate is up,hehe. but not even planing on getting one till the games hit Titanfall or Mirrors edge, and Watch Dogs all looking good.
  • OskarDeveloperOskarDeveloper Member Posts: 533
    Ps4 !!! Smaller, better hardware etc etc
  • bjandthekatzbjandthekatz Orlando, FlMember Posts: 1,375
    Gotta say Xbox One. I've had a ps3 and Xbox 360. I like the dashboard and controller better.
  • LoungeGamesLoungeGames Member Posts: 86
    Neither, I am going with WiiU.
  • FallacyStudiosFallacyStudios Member Posts: 970
    Well for those going with Xbox One, I hope they don't decide to integrate their patent or you will end up paying more for movies LOL.
  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 9,934
  • BadKernelBadKernel Member Posts: 4
    If you are going to buy an Xbox One, I'm not going to argue with your choice. Just as a warning, don't try and bash the PS4. All of your reasons will be moot...

    •better hardware
    •better exclusives*
    •better policies**
    •better customer support
    •better online benefits
    •better indie titles***
    •better price

    *PS misses out on Halo as always, but Titanfall will arrive on PS4 about a year after Xbox; Respawn's Dev team is too small to develop for both consoles at the same time. PS4 exclusives just kick ass.

    **Even after Microsoft back pedaled after the consumers spoke with their wallets, Xbox One still has always on kinect and possibly alternative media drm (non-games)

    ***Xbox One doesn't allow self publishing like PS4, so indie titles are less accessible. Xbox and Playstation kind of just swapped places on this subject.


    1. My one complaint as of right now is the menus for both consoles. I loved the XMB on the PS3 which won many awards because it was sleek and easy to use. I always found the Xbox 360 menu more cluttered. Unfortunately, from the previews of both next gen console menus, they all look busy and a bit cluttered. I hope they are cleaned up before release.

    2. A bullet point I didn't include in the list was the controllers. For you Xbox controller fans, the new PS4 controllers are slightly larger. Overall, the PS4 controller is better in build quality and performance (deemed by online coverage), but Xbox controllers still have the better triggers. Honestly, this is a debatable point and can be dismissed as opinion which is why I didn't include it in the list.

    3. Another bullet point I didn't include in the list was the online network. I've talked with too many people who use last year's PSN breach as a scapegoat for their argument. PS3's 100% free to use PSN vs Xbox 360's $60 a year online subscription was not a contest. Microsoft had the money to invest in servers and maintenance. The current gen online subscriptions are even (both $60 a year) so that argument is now moot and the new results will only be told by time.

    4. I want to take a moment to talk about the PS4's disadvantage. I actually have to pick up my remote to switch inputs on my tv in order to watch cable (-_-) *sarcasm

    5. Please don't try and argue for the WiiU. I'll definitely be playing smash bros on it at a friend's house, but it has no place in the PS4 vs Xbox One debate. The hardware is sh*t and most of the games are recycled.

    >>>I hope this was informative for some of you and if you read this far I give you a virtual high five. I'd love to hear from somebody if something I said is incorrect. Thank you for letting me rant.
  • RPRP Member Posts: 1,990
    Respawn uses Source and it's multiplatform. It's not that the team is too small (electronic arts could easily handle the outsourcing for QA), it's because Microsoft nailed down exclusivity.
  • BadKernelBadKernel Member Posts: 4
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    I got some wacky info from several different reports. Good to get that cleared up. They did say that they are not ruling out a multiplatform release... a small glimmer of hope for all under the blue flag.
  • BBEnkBBEnk Member Posts: 1,764
    LOL theres always too side it really gets old.

    East vs West
    COD vs Battlefield
    XBox vs PS
    Red vs Blue
    Gamesalad vs Stencyl
    Windows vs iOS
    Apple vs Android
    Ford vs Chev
    PC vs Console


  • BadKernelBadKernel Member Posts: 4
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