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Nonagon Slide - (or Word Tap Tap 2)

iamcarteziamcartez Houston, TexasPosts: 648Member
edited June 2013 in Announce Your Game!
I did Word Tap Tap a few weeks ago and wanted to try another word game before I started my hand-drawn platformer project. I've always heard that it is best to have a few simple apps on the market making money for you while you work on a bigger project.

Anyway I introduce to you. Nonagon Slide/HD.

iPhone version:
iPad version:

----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- -----------


Nonagon Slide Features:

- Minimalist Design
- Unique 14x4 Grid (Slide/Swipe for more letters...)
- Over 150,000 Words
- 3 Modes of Play*
- 2 In Game Bonuses**
- Unlock Challenge***
- Tile Blackout Mechanics

[Game Center Leader Boards & Achievements Enabled]


*Modes of Play*

- Timed Mode
Easy. Start the round with 60 seconds.

- Survival Mode
Normal. Start the round with 15 seconds.
Gain additional time for each accepted word.

- Blackout Mode
Difficult. Start the round with 999 seconds.
Play until the timer runs out or you Blackout. (Blackout occurs when you play 4 wrong or used words.)


**In Game Bonuses**

- Time Bonus
Start the round with additional time.

- Score Bonus
Each accepted word is worth more points.


***Unlock Challenge***

- Collecting more than 2,013 game stars will instantly unlock the time and score bonuses. Additionally, this unlock will remove the ads in the game. This is the alternative unlock method for the supporters.
[Please note that uninstalling the game will erase the game stars.]


Nonagon Slide is optimized for iOS 5.0+.

Thank you for all of the support.
Suggestions and other feedback welcome! Yes I like Nonagons for some odd reason.


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