New here... introduction and some questions!

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Hello everyone!

I am a new member here. I am IceDuchess, 18 y/o from California. I have always been a fan of mmo's and rts type games. I also enjoy drawing characters for fun on my iPad. My friends have been telling me that my drawings look like they'd be perfect for an actual game. I am thinking that I might as well have a stab at this and try to create an app with them. I can tell you now that I have never programmed anything. But, I am inspired and am willing to learn, and GameSalad seems like the perfect app to use. I already have a set of characters and ideas ready.

I am wondering if you have any starting advice for me? Also, is it possible to create multiplayer games with GameSalad?

Any tips are greatly appreciated!



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    Hi @IceDuchess - welcome!
    My advice is to not use your graphics yet but play with templates and basic actors in GS first and get confident with controlling and programming elements and game ideas before adding graphics.
    Learn the toolset - play with it build some test games from tutorials and then later with some confidence an idea for your characters will emerge.

    Graphics are important but gameplay and mechanics are MORE important in my opinion.
    Multiplayer is coming they are doing it in the nightly builds I believe and should come to a stable release of GS soon.
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    Hi IceDuchess, I agree with lycettebros. Take some time now when you are just starting out to learn as much about GS as you can before you starte making a 'real' game. There are lots of great tutorials you can follow, I have a few step-by-step tutorials at my site listed in my signature below. There are also a bunch more at places like and

    Take the time up front to learn the basics and you're life will be much easier once you start your first real project.
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    Start with a small project to learn how things work. Be persistent and learn as much as you can through experience. Reading about something will help, but actually doing it will help so much more.

    I just stepped out of a time capsule from 2011, so my references may be dated, but I found these helpful:
    • Tshirtbooth videos
    • Photics Unofficial Gamesalad Textbook
    • Gamesalad Beginner's Guide by Miguel DeQuadros (didnt read this one but it seems useful)

    Once you've got a hang of working in GS you can put more emphasis on the graphics.

    Oh, and don't give up. I just kind of stopped one day and didnt come back, though that was partially because I had been waiting for a 1.0 release of GS on Mac, which has yet to come.
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    Hi @IceDuchess welcome to the Community! :)
    Don't forget to go through the CookBook!

    Have Fun!

    P.S. Start small.
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