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POiSE[arcade, android, iOS]

Hello folks!
Just want to announce my game, which is coming soon on yours mobile devices. I would be happy to hear your suggestions and criticisms.

POiSE is an amazing arcade game that tells about the adventures of a funny alien named Spike. Spike's ship was wrecked among the asteroid belt. He’ll have to struggle out of scope of the asteroid belt by the use of a special rescue capsule to reach the ship that come to the rescue. Each level is one of the asteroids, where Spike needs to balance a certain amount of time, waiting opportunity for jumping to the next level. At the moment, the asteroid belt has 30 celestial bodies of various shapes and sizes.
The game is developed on HTML5 game engine ScirraConstruct 2 that is multi-platform and allows you to play on any platforms that support HTML5, which is currently booming. At the moment, there is a portability of the game on the following platforms: iOS; Android; BlackBerry 10; WindowsPhone 8; WindowsXP, 7, 8; Linux; MacOS; WebBrowser (Kongregate, ArmorGames, Newgrounds and other web sites) and Firefox OS and Google Chrome Store.

Couple of screenshots -
And some video.
This trailer shows you the result of months of hard work, of course, not all is realized in this video, and the games graphic is not the best quality, but we're going to work hard and improove all this bits in the future.

If you do like it, please follow our public on and you might get the game for free!
PS sorry about my English grammar, I`m originaly from Russia.


  • modmakermodmaker Posts: 4Member
    Hello everyone! Last news.
    1. Together with the start of development of mobile versions of the game (iOS, Android) using game engine Corona SDK, we also began process of optimisation for mobile platforms! In early tests with C2 we noticed that weaker devices have a drop of fps, which was due to use of particles. We took a decision to stop using particles
    completely and switched to sprite animation, which will increase performance and will make the game more attractive.
  • modmakermodmaker Posts: 4Member
    We got an idea: what do you think about an option for two players to be able to play on one computer (Windows, Linux, Mac, Web versions of the game)? First player: WASD;
    Second player: Arrows.
    Should we implement such an idea?
  • OskarDeveloperOskarDeveloper Posts: 533Member
    edited June 2013
    Image fix:


  • LoungeGamesLoungeGames Posts: 86Member
    @modmaker: I like it, but I saw that you said the game is made in Construct. The "Announce your game" category is supposed to be only for GameSalad projects. If you do not use GameSalad, you are supposed to put them in the "Non-GS Game News" category. I just thought I would let you know that for the future. The game looks very good, though. The music really fits the game, and it is a good idea, combining platforming with a game like Asteroids.
  • modmakermodmaker Posts: 4Member
    Oh, sorry, I`m apologise for this messing up. I`ll try to contact moderators and ask them to move the potic.
    BTW thank you for you comment,
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