My thoughts on iOS7 so far

finalcutbobfinalcutbob Member Posts: 130
When I first saw it on the wwdc video I wasn't too impressed; and I really didn't like the icons. But all that has changed. After using it for a couple of weeks now, I have to say its really starting to grow on me.

Although, I was quite surprised at how buggy it was. This being the first time I have ever installed a beta OS on my phone I don't have anything to compare it to, but I really was surprised at the number of things that didn't work properly. Just to name a few: No Siri, no microphone to dictate emails or texts, text notifications worked only sometimes and something must have been running in the background because my phone was ALWAYS warm and the battery barely lasted a day. (Its a new 4s)

There are some new features that are really cool too. Such as, the new notification center, camera options, Safari and a few more including the 3d effect with the screen background and the icons.

All in all I'd have to say that I really like it. The design is clean and refreshing and a nice change.

Because this is my only phone and I need it for development, I did uninstall 7 and put 6 back on tonight ( with no problems at all) but I will definitely be upgrading to 7 when the time comes.

Anyone else?


  • MSEagle2MSEagle2 Member, PRO Posts: 98
    siri works (on the 5 at least). I found that there is a problem with the new multitasking thing and apps never close. You have to double tap home and close them all (drag them upwards to close them) and that really helped my battery.
  • PBEmpirePBEmpire Member Posts: 676
    They did rip off a fare share of Matias Duarte and Android. The design is ugly in some places. Siri with bing will be interesting but i doubt it can match the speed and power of google now.
  • Braydon_SFXBraydon_SFX Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Bowlboy Sidekick Posts: 9,025
    Loving iOS 7 -- Siri works on my 4S but lags when starting up. I seem to wait 5-10 seconds before I can start asking a question.

    A few things I love:

    1. Folders -- I'm super excited about the new folders in iOS 7. They look much nicer, and you can have multiple pages in each folder. It's like you have a whole new iPhone screen to dump apps in.

    2. Control Center -- This saves me tons of time. Prior to iOS 7, if I needed to turn Airplane Mode, Do not Disturb, or any other common setting on, I'd have to find the
    Settings application. Now I can just swipe up and everything I commonly use (well, almost) is right there. Time saved.

    3. iTunes Radio -- I'm really digging the new iTunes Radio. I know, I know...I could just download Pandora or some other application that has done this for ages now....But I didn't. B-)

    4. New Multitasking -- Love the new look and feel of this.

    5. Weather -- It's needed a MEGA upgrade for years now. The new design and feel to the Weather app is amazing. Simple and fast.

    So, there are other things I'm really enjoying, but these are my top 5 currently.
    I'm really loving the new design all around. Especially the parallax movement in the background. :D
  • GraphicWarehouseGraphicWarehouse Member Posts: 927
    I like it but might go back to ios6 because,

    1)Gamecenter isn't posting my scores.

    2)I can't download gs made apps.

    3)Weird overall glitches.

    4)and I can't sign in to the app store for some reason, it gives me an error.
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