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Baseball Pinball Game coming soon.

hello everyone, i only had 7 days of pro account left so i decided to make a small game and i came up with this,is a simple game with leader board to see who can make more runs in 9 looks easy but what makes this game a little harder is that all the gloves move up and down or left to right.
thanks for watching and have a nice day :)


  • BazookaTimeBazookaTime Posts: 1,274Member
    Cool, should be fun.
  • guillefaceguilleface Posts: 997Member
    hi all, the game is available now, check it out if you like baseball :)
  • guillefaceguilleface Posts: 997Member
    hi today i saw my game on new and noteworthy on the ipad sport section, and is now number 86 on paid game, is not making a lot but a least is better than my other app that took me 3 months to make and in 15 days made $76 ,and my baseball game only took me 7 days to make and alraedy made $66 ,which i guess from now on i should make small apps now, or what do you think guys?
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