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Oggy's World Out Now on iOS and Android!

ImpactBlueStudiosImpactBlueStudios Posts: 53Member
edited June 2013 in Announce Your Game!
Hi All! Just want to announce Oggy's World is out now on iOS and Android!

"Oggy being his curious and mischevious self has got himself lost in this strange and magical world!

Fortunately for Oggy you are a powerful Wizard, with magical powers over creation!

Help Oggy navigate through his enchanted and perilous world by reshaping its landscape!
Simply wave your magical fingers to create Magic Path and use it to draw hills and valleys, bridges and walls to allow Oggy to tumble his way to safety.

A path too far too high for little Oggy to reach? Summon a Magic Mushroom to launch Oggy high up into the air!

Challenge your wits! Release your creativity! Help Oggy get home!"







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