Publishing iPhone and iPad projects to Android devices on Google Play

Hi Guys,

At the moment as we all know there is no stretch option and only overscan can be used with Android publishing or letter boxing with a plain background colour and that colour fills the background.

If I want to publish an app to Android from an iPhone or iPad project. I have to tweak it and change the position and sizes of images etc so when the screen is cropped the game play area appears in the scene. This can be a very long process if you have many scenes in your game.

Has anyone figured out the numbers to plug in to modify the screen size and camera size/origin to create rules for Android devices similar to what we do with IOS universal binaries so we don't have to convert existing projects to Android ???

I will experiment with this when time permits but I think it is still worth asking all the brilliant minds out there the question.

Thank you in advance and enjoy what your are doing.


  • DanielDoeDanielDoe Member Posts: 307
    With iPhone project I just set letterbox, and bublish as letterbox... there is not a big diffirence, the app looks great on android devices and the letterbox bars are so small that you won't eves seen them (if the background color is black). It fits almost perfectly most of android screens.

    With iPad you will have to change the camera setting but I haven't tried it yet.
  • neomanneoman Member Posts: 817
    @DanielDoe thanks for your input ... ;-)
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