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*** Lub vs Dub *** Coming soon to iPhone & iPad (Universal)

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** Lub vs Dub ***

Finally! Our first game as an indie dev team is on its way out the door in the coming weeks :)

A little history...
The first prototype was produced during the 48hr Global Game Jam this year, where we won the Glasgow site awards for Best Tech and Best Game, and then went on to win 'Best Game' for Scotland, selected by BAFTA Scotland and IGDA members. It was called "ridiculously polished and complete" and "a triumph of game design", which made us very happy. :)

So... we've since taken that prototype, completely rebuilt it from scratch, and added a ton of new features for a proper release!

One of the interesting things that came out of the Jam was that our team had no 'coder' in a traditional sense - an artist/designer (me), gameplay designer and audio engineer made up our team. There was a great response afterwards from press about this, commenting on how GameSalad was a unique tool that opened up rapid prototyping to a bigger, non-coder market. Doing our bit to spread the word, GS ;)

So what is Lub vs Dub?
It's a competitive infinite runner - *however* - we think it *might* be the first competitive infinite runner that isn't based on just out-running your opponent...

You are trying to be the first to collect 50 hearts, whilst using powers to damage/trip up your opponent and avoid obstacles on the line. On top of THAT, the central line is the ground, and you can flip/jump on either side, with gravity fighting both ways :) If that makes no sense, watch the trailer below!

It's hard to describe, but really satisfying to play!

In this full version we've added:

* Solid 60fps - slick, fast and responsive gameplay
* Special Waves - every so often, the rules change!
* Game Center - Leaderboards and Achievements
* Retina Support - Minimalist graphics + Retina iPad = crisp, slick presentation
* Universal App - iPhone 4, 5 and iPad resolutions catered for, with NO STRETCH!!
* Single Player Mode - compete with Game Center buddies for the highest score

We'll announce a release date soon, and throw some promo codes out for the good folks of the GS community :)

Let us know what you think! Spread the word / Like on Facebook / Twitter etc:


J / Futuro


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