My game don't work to Android


Despite my requests to the SUPPORT, I did not return to my demand. Why pay a pro account so that there is no customer behind Service !!!

So I appeal to the good will to help me solve my probeme =

I have publish my game for iphone and it's good. For android (samsung s3) my game crash and go to black screen. Why ?

thank you for your return experience.


  • WingmanappsWingmanapps Member Posts: 458
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    Well - To be able to help you, we need alot more info

    - Is it a start up crash?
    - what version of GS are you using?
    - Have you tried other devices then the galaxy?
    - What kind of memory use do you have while running in the viewer

    have you done everything right in the publishing fase?

    Thats all I can think of right now other then being able to look at your project
  • Creation_24KRACreation_24KRA Member, PRO Posts: 50
    Thinks for your help.
    I have a 10.3 gameslad version.
    My game works to the menu and other functions but crash when i go to play.
    Yes i have use to the Note galaxy
    I don't use the viewer, i have instal directly the apk in my phone and i have follow my publish by the cookbook gamesalad.
    Why work to iphone and not for android ?
    I have send my project in the support , but he don't return my demand...
    other info are welcome.
  • DanielDoeDanielDoe Member Posts: 307
    There are a lot of android devices on the market. It's impossible that the game will work with all. Even Unity 3d has it's problem with Android compatibility. In my case, my game doesn't work on Sony Xperia Play, and I can't do anything about it... also GS won't be able to prepare custom exporter only to fit my game.
  • WingmanappsWingmanapps Member Posts: 458
    Its hard to say what the exact problem is.
    if it works on other android devices, then its hard pinpoint the problem.
    Maybe try to limit the OS/device requirements to a few that actually works when uploading to

    There is an Android device emulator in the SDK. But it never beats testing on the actual device. but it might give a hint of what devices "might" work.

    My personal experience is that is not worth the trouble.
    Amazon still has some value and nook is DEAD for good.
  • Creation_24KRACreation_24KRA Member, PRO Posts: 50
    @danielDoe your game with xperia works to the menu and other functions and crash when i you go to play ?

    @Wingmanapps, but yes i want to publish my game to google play.

    Any personn to help me is welcom [-O<
  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Member Posts: 9,914
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    They this service it's free and tests you're apk on hundreds of devices. If your app is crashing on them all you have a code issue that is not showing up in iOS.
  • DanielDoeDanielDoe Member Posts: 307

    My personal experience is that is not worth the trouble.
    Amazon still has some value and nook is DEAD for good.
    My personal experience is that Google Play is much more profitable than App Store :)

  • Creation_24KRACreation_24KRA Member, PRO Posts: 50
    ok how do you know what a code is not showing up in IOS ?
  • artfishartfish Member, PRO Posts: 369
    @Creation_24KRA did you ever figure out what your problem was? I'm experiencing the same issue. troubleshooting now.
  • TerraformedAppsTerraformedApps Member, PRO Posts: 8

    Did you ever find out what was the problem? having the same issues now where android version goes through the loading screen but then crashes

  • dragonking94dragonking94 Member Posts: 27

    I had the same problem, but I solved downloading the mac creator version 10.1

  • Radi1234Radi1234 Member, PRO Posts: 49

    @Creation_24KRA‌ Hey how did you solve the above mentioned problem? I facing the same. Please help!

  • KumkaniKumkani Member, PRO Posts: 28

    Yep I'm having the same issue myself. the game isn't loading on the website either. title screen then just hangs. nothing else.

  • safransafran Member Posts: 32
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    Same issue here. all of my games crashes on android. anyone with a workaround please do share.

    i tried publishing them with windows and osx, changed all images to 32bit png, turning on and off ads,resize backgrounds,etc. not working. even the simplest game based on a template crashed too. Very frustating.

    tested on nexus 4,optimus hub,wm 7,galaxy tab 2 7,galaxy ace,experia z

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