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The Best Drinking Game :O

AHBGamesAHBGames Posts: 50Member
edited June 2013 in Announce Your Game!
Hi All! Just want to announce our game available on Google Play

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Turn your smartphone into a pump!

Follow the rules and hand before it explodes in your hands!

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- B.D. is a social video game full of adrenaline, to enjoy with your friends and family, which will test your knowledge and skills to think and respond quickly.

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- Pump Drink contains 3 game modes:
-The first is the "Classic" mode, where no punishment can be used to make decisions, such as who is going to buy bread, or who does the dishes.
- However, the way "Happy" mode and "Party" contain punishments where the player who loses must take a certain amount of alcohol.

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B.D is the video game that will revolutionize the way social fun in your parties, together with friends and family.


Coming soon available on App Store :D


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