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Is GameSalad overwriting previous saves?

vikingviking Posts: 322Member, PRO
I took the latest version of my game from 10.3 (let's call it Project A) and loaded it up in 0.53. Then I added 130 MB worth of TGA images just to test it out. Then I saved the project under a different name (Project B) tested it and thought nothing more of it. Then, I switched back to 10.3 and loaded up Project A again the next day. To my surprise, I noticed that my version of my 10.3 project had suddenly gotten 130 MB heavier! Even though I saved my project B under a new name, it looks like GameSalad will also overwrite my previous version A. If this is correct than that must be a bug, right? I only noticed because I added a bunch of TGA's to the project. Otherwise I would never know that by saving the project by a different name does not automatically mean that your old version is "protected". I checked the XML file of my 10.3 project and it says that it is a 0.53 project! I am 100% sure I never saved it as Project A in 0.53. Is this a known problem? If so, it should have been fixed a long time ago. Anyone else notice this?


  • jonmulcahyjonmulcahy Posts: 10,384Member, Sous Chef, PRO
    when you add assets (images or audio) they are instantly added to the project, so if you were working in A, they were copied to A. Saving as B just created a copy.

  • vikingviking Posts: 322Member, PRO
    That is kind of crazy. It should be added to the project file you save, not all of the project files that you are working on. How can you possibly have good version control with this approach? Also, what about the fact that my 10.3 project suddenly became a 0.53 project? That has nothing to do with the content. How do I revert back to 10.3?
  • bjandthekatzbjandthekatz Orlando, FlPosts: 1,375Member
    When you add images to a project, the images are saved into that project. You did that and then you saved it as another version (B). The images were first added to A, then saved as B. They still get saved in A because they were put into A.
    To prevent this, create a duplicate copy before opening it in gamesalad.
  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Posts: 9,934Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef
    @viking as everyone else has said. if you want to do something like that you have to make the duplicate first. before adding the images.

    It's not my fault I never learned to take responsibility for anything. ;)

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