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Die For Metal - is free for the weekend

SinSquidSinSquid Posts: 135Member, PRO
To celebrate that SinSquid is taking a month vacation, I have decided to go free for the weekend with "Die For Metal". Only for IOS. Take a look, and positive feedback is of course very appreciated. The campaign ends on monday :)

Enjoy some Heavy Metal, and have a great summer everybody.

Appstore link: Die For Metal

Video trailer:


  • HalfBakedProductionsHalfBakedProductions Posts: 248Member, PRO
    Great quality trailer. I'm not really a fan of metal...or dying :D but I might download Die for Metal :)
  • EireStudiosEireStudios Posts: 451Member
    @SinSquid has this game been released with a while? If so, wow how have I missed it!! I love the music, art and gameplay, really awesome job man, I'll leave you an Ireland review right now :)
  • SinSquidSinSquid Posts: 135Member, PRO
    @Soulstealer Yes it`s been out since february or something, and thanx for the kind words. An Irland review would be great :D
  • SinSquidSinSquid Posts: 135Member, PRO
    3000 download in a weekend :D This is the last day of beeing free. Be sure to grab a copy.
  • DigiChainDigiChain Posts: 1,216Member, PRO
    Excellent game! Absolutely love the graphic style.
  • JarrenHJarrenH Posts: 206Member
    Quite impressive! That sure is a solid game! Awesome to see you got featured on Apps Gone Free today too! I'm sure that alone will cause an influx of downloads!
  • mrtrucker85mrtrucker85 Posts: 1Member
    FREE eh? just went to download it and its trying to charge me 1.10...wth man wth lol!! No biggie looks pretty damn good tho there SinSquid
  • SinSquidSinSquid Posts: 135Member, PRO
    Yes sorry @mrtrucker85 it was only free this weekend. You were probably a few hours to late :/ the game got 11.000 downlads during this campaign :) pretty cool.
  • LumpAppsLumpApps Posts: 2,867Member
    I have been banging my head the whole weekend. Cool game!
  • DuesDues Posts: 1,159Member
    Downloaded it today. Awesome game!! \m/
  • decaoeudecaoeu Posts: 61PRO
    Awesome game, i downloaded yesterday, and will be leaving a positive review today.
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