Help with our 2,5 or 3D project !

I have 2 questions:

1: what is "pseudo-tehniques" ? or something like that ?

2: the floor (or the actor who is colliding with the main actor), always has to be straight ?
I mean, imagine that I have a "world" in the game where there are bridges, like this :

And I want my actor to walk on the bridge following his type of floor, But eaven if the image is "transparent", I mean the image of the actor bridge, the actor will walk on the top of the image, that is a "square image" ... I hope you understand me.

I don't know if I will be able to create the game that we are thinking or try with another software ...

Our game .. we want to be like this :

I'm the director of a dessigner team, and I don't know if with GameSalad we will be able to create a game like the game that I mention.



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    There are many effects that you can recreate or mimic, however you are not going to carry out 2.5 or 3d graphics running in real time on GameSalad. It is strictly a 2D engine.

    To carry out a similar effect in a 2D environment you would need to have the graphic for your bridge, and then a separate invisible actor attached/constrained to it to represent the collide-able floor/ground/section of bridge etc.

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    You are right. I tryed to do this vith "invisible" actors but I was thinking ... I have to put many invisible actors for every bridge and finally, my game will have more than 300 actors i guess, because there are like 7 worlds ...

    In appstore, you can upload a game what ever the size ... doesn't it ?
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    The invisible actors won't take up that much space. The code will essentially reserve the allotted space/dimensions since there is not an actual graphic being stored and displayed there.

    Yes, games can vari in size, however if you want to make it downloadable over 3G it has to be under 50 MB. Larger games will have to download over WIFI. Also larger gamers will more than likely take longer to load, but that depend on optimization and when assets are being pulled up for use.
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    Ok that's it. I'll tell you about the game soon enough

    Thanks !
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