How to make actors spawn at progressively greater rates?

In my game, I have an actor set up to be spawning new actors in random places, every couple seconds. How do I make it so the longer you play, the actors will spawn at a higher and higher rates?

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  • FajlajpFajlajp Posts: 666
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    Creat an integer attribute. You can call it "HowManySeconds" and set it to 10,for example.
    Then put a timer in an actor that says:

    Timer, every (hit the little "e") and put in game.HowManySeconds
    -Spawn actor: (Whatever)
    And put in the Y and X cordinates

    Then create a new actor and put in this rule.

    Timer: Every 10 seconds (or whatever)
    Change attribute: game.HowManySeconds-1 (or whatever)

    So basiclly what we have done is that every 10 second we have changed the spawn rate by 1 second. So it get progressivly harder by geting progressivly highest spawn rate.


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