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Do clones of games become downloaded? (I know it's a strange question)

I have been on the forum for a week, and additionally, I have seen templates for other games on other stes. Hence, there are templates for clones of Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, and all other popular games. I know that the creators / developers change the graphics and the levels. I was wondering, do people still download them and play them? thanks...


  • jamie_cjamie_c Posts: 5,577Member, BASIC
    Sure there are lots of popular games that are essentially clones of other popular games.
  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Posts: 8,188Member
    Just as in most forms of art, there are distinctive elements that make a game part of a genre.

    An adventure game usually has an inventory, objects you pick up, locations you visit.

    Platform games have... platforms!

    Running games have you run from left to right.

    Within each genre there's enough 'space' to add something unique.

    I think it's certainly fine to take elements from a genre as inspiration.

    The trick is to make a game that's significantly different to the inspiration. Outright copies though are a bit scammy. Why make Angry Birds when Angry Birds already exists?
    And who would buy an Angry Birds clone when Angry Birds already exists.

    Would you?

    QS :D

    Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home...

  • ChakkuChakku Posts: 1,513Member
    QS hit the nail on the head. Many games have core mechanics that are similar to popular games, but you have to make people want to buy it by innovating on the idea and adding your own stuff :)

  • BoomshackBarryBoomshackBarry Posts: 712Member

    Running games have you run from left to right.

    But imagine if they went from right to left! I know, your mind=blown :)

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