How do I make a Perfect image?

Most of my images I want to make has this gap and when I want it to be destroyed with another object it destroys but only touching the gap (white part) and not the actual image.
How can I trim it so its only the object?


  • Dima_HHDima_HH Member Posts: 45
    make one (or some more) smaller unvisible actors over the part on the picture, where the destroy points are. And let these unvisible actors constrain to the position of the image.
    I hope you understand my bad english :P
  • Dima_HHDima_HH Member Posts: 45
    Oh I think I don't understood your question ;P
    If you want to remove the white part of your image you have to save it as a .png not jpg
    with photoshop or whatever you use.
  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Member Posts: 8,188
    Right now, there is no 'shape' collision - it can only be square or circle collision - which is why you're having the issue you are.

    If it's for bullets, it'll be quite processor intensive to apply seperate 'collision boxes' for each one as Dima suggests, what with all the constraints and stuff.

    One solution would be to try changing the collision shape of the bullet to a circle, rather than the square (which is default).

    You could also apply this to the main character / enemy ships too. I find that a circular collision on a smaller, seperate collision box just for the player character is far more forgiving and fun!

    Hope that helps!

    QS :D

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