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How do I convert my gamesalad game file into a .app file?

I am trying to publish my gamesalad game onto the app store, and the cookbook video on ios publishing brought me to the application loader. When I came to the part where it asked me to upload a file to the application, I selected the gamesalad project, which I had compressed, but then it said that the application wrapper must end in .app. My immediate reaction was to just replace the ending of the file to .app from .gameproj but that rendered the file useless. I tried looking up how to do this properly in the cookbook but this brought me to publishing the game through the gamesalad app but that required me to have an app store URL, which I don't have because it's not on the app store yet obviously. Can anyone help me publish it, or help me convert the file to a .app? If anyone needs more background info or anything just tell me. THANK YOU SO MUCH to anyone who can help me out of this!!!

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