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"Bad URL" problem when I try to Generate/Sign app.

So when I click on the publish icon in the creator, it brings me to a webpage called publishing. I fill out the "Arcade Info" page except for the "Game Trailer" part. Then I fill out the platforms---> iPad section apart from the app store URL. I also add the Icon image and Title. Then I click "Generate App", and after a few minutes, it sends me this, "Congratulations. Your app is ready! You asked us to build it 2013-07-02 04:52:12 UTC. To start the app the signing process click here"

So I click there and instead of running it gives a pop up that says bad URL. There are screen shots of the problem on my blog, the link is right here:
Also included is what the iPad page looks like. I did not include a screen shot of the Bundle ID
Thanks to anyone who can help, I'm really stuck here!
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