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Hello, everyone. HUGE Graphics is exactly what the name implies – a graphics company. We are two people with crossover skill sets running the complete gamut from audio to video production. Graphics, illustration, animation/motion graphics/compositing, video production, 3D… you name it, if it’s creative work – we have at least dabbled. We formed the company to give us an umbrella under which we could offer “creative services and products” and have not been in business long.

Although we don’t come from the true full-fledged world of UI design, we are drawn to it and do well with it. With that as a goal, my partner was doing some reading when he came across GameSalad. Obviously, games are the ultimate human interface, and are filled with art. So with no prior programming knowledge we made our first game Orbots Attack in 17 days, including purchasing GameSalad and the initial learning curve. The game incorporates nearly every skill we have, except video production. It was featured by Apple on Hot New Games and on their New and Noteworthy list, albeit for a short time. The fulfillment, resulting hike in sales and generally positive reception to our “experiment” was enough to bring us to full commitment to finding a way to make games for a living. This is what we should and want to be doing.

So with that background in mind, we are in need of a programmer or programmers to partner on a game-by-game basis. We are capable of providing complete creative production, as well as complete, storyboarded game concepts to the right partner(s) who can work with us remotely and to a professional level. We would love to collaborate on any ideas that person(s) may have as well. If you are interested, please contact us by email: We will be in touch soon. Please keep in mind we appreciate all interest in this opportunity, but we are looking for serious adults that can participate on a full-time basis. We intend to keep you very busy and make a lot of games!

Below are some links for you to see what we've done so far as well as what we have in the works. Thanks for looking, and we look forward to your responses.

Brandon and Cody (HUGE Graphics)

Orbots Attack™ Screenshots:

Shake A Wish™ Screenshots:

Monkey Butt™ Screenshots:

Undead Heads™ Concept Art Trading Cards:

Our other business is an online printing solution. You can see many samples of our graphics, icon design and illustration there as well:
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