Pixel Art Tutorial

I am trying to learn pixel art and how to use it, I faced something that is really annoying, I wanted a grid which my brush (pencil) snaps to, I didn't like the way it is being done in Photoshop, specially that my pixel size is not 1x1 but 4x4 or more, I tried so many different software, still nothing was good for me.
Finally I came up with a solution where the snapping to the grid doesn't go to the middle of the brush, but it will snap to the edge, just as if it is set of containers (arrays) and you need to fill it, I don't know if this solution is good for the real artists or not but anyways I will just share it, lets start:

Software: Photoshop CS5
Desc: We will make guidelines to form squares (4x4)

1-go to Edit > Preferences > Units & Rulers.
2-Change rulers to (Percent) and change type to (Pixels).
3-go to Window > Actions and create a new action (and make sure it is recording)
4-go to View > New Guide..
5-chose the orientation Horizontal and position (0%)
6-chose the orientation Horizontal and position (100%)
7-chose the orientation Vertical and position (0%)
8-chose the orientation Vertical and position (100%)
9-go to Image > Canvas Size.
10-Change the Width and Height to 8 Pixels.
11-Check (Relative) <--Very Important
12-Stop recording.

all you have to do now is to run this action as many times as you want to create more lines.

I hope it will be useful and if anyone has a better way to do it, please share it with us :)

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