Adobe gives up

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Reading this article here:

it appears that Adobe are giving up hope of Apple changing their mind, and are even expecting the 100 or so Flash based Apps in the store to be removed. There isn't anything in the article that suggests that only Flash is affected.


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    This is a victory for GameSalad... and those that hate to pay $500 every two years for Creative Suite upgrades. Flash just seems to get more confusing to me with every upgrade. For example, making a simple button to go to the next frame. Export to iPhone was the main reason I was interested in CS5. Without that, I'm in no hurry to upgrade.

    My concern is that this pushes Adobe towards the Google camp. If GameSalad doesn't support Android... and Android keeps growing... GameSalad won't be as valuable to me. I simply make more money on Android. I hate developing in Flash because it's so complicated... but if that's where the profit is going to be, that's what I should learn.

    Short-term, this is great news. I didn't want to compete with a flood of Flash apps.
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    I don't think GameSalad and other tool users should feel good just yet. If Adobe gave up, with all their lawyers and enormous leverage, I'm less hopeful that little companies will get through. I hope they do, it might give Adobe more ammo if they did ever take legal action.

    The real flood of Flash games would have come if Safari on the iPhone was allowed to use plugins. While it was just going to be Flash based Apps in the App Store, Flash was no more a threat against GameSalad than any of the many other tools there are. Also, the more capable that other tools are, the better GameSalad would need to be, and that might have been a good thing.
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    1) Gendai Games already stated that they didn't view this as much of an issue. "We're clever" is a huge difference from giving up.

    2) I think it would have been a huge problem for GameSalad developers. It's already a struggle to get noticed on the App Store.
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    Oh, if GS offered stuff like FLASH! It would be a dream...Yes! GS please become the next FLASH!!!

    Adobe is such a waste, I love how they are bitching about this. People forget that they basically said "FU" to Apple in 2000 when they dropped support and just now adding 64 bit support..
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    There are 185,000 apps in the store, I don't think the 100 Flash ones make it any harder to find GameSalad apps. There could be 10,000 Flash apps, and still by then there would be over 200,000 non-Flash apps to help hide the GameSalad ones.

    You have to think about what the possible outcome could be of all this. Apple are now in a position to create their own easy tool for making iPhone and iPad apps, and they can enforce the agreement to make sure that no other tool can be used instead. That won't matter to anyone who doesn't currently use another tool, but for us who have GS, Unity, Revolution, Corona, etc, it could be an expensive change.
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    I think what people mean, is that if Flash had been allowed to publish games for the app store the 4 million or so Flash users in the world could instantly of had access to selling on the app store, so within a year the app store would be closer a million apps of varying quality.

    The app store is already full of a load of below par stuff anyway.

    Whether they will consider it later, who knows....maybe being able to say we have 1 millino apps in the app store is a good selling point for the iphone 5G.

    I don't think apple are that interested in making an application which makes it easy to make apps, they possibly just want make it so the apps they sell have been tailor made for the iphone not ones that will appear on android, windows the web and the app store. Only really successful apps e.g. Flight Control seem to have put the effort to make an app store and windows mobile store version.

    Obviously this is only my own speculation... but.... there you go...
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    seems there is never a mention of photoshop or illustrator when CS5 is brought up

    It is the industry standard and i know i'm not the only one here who feels like like my hands would be cut off without it

    also this is just my opinion but a good game and / or some marketing is what gets you noticed.

    i dont think 100 apps or 1,000,000,000,000,000 apps changes that

    it's no coinky dink that one of our best gs developers is featured front and center on apple's new flagship
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    @james whats featured front and center ?
  • JamesZeppelinJamesZeppelin Member Posts: 1,927
    Stunt squirrels was in the ipad's new scrolling thing at the top of the app store (the on ipad app store)

    Not it is in one of the stationary rounded squares that stay in the middle all the time

    I also noticed Joe left the GS logo on his game even as a pro member too

    His last game danger cat's was on eof my favorite's for ipod over all
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    Remember too this is not really about Flash's about controlling the steam of paid content to users. With Flash you can *easily* build applets to replicate the App Store + buying model.

    This is the main beef with Adobe + Apple from what I know apart from devs making crummy games for Apple devices.
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