Got my OUYA, would LOVE to publish games to it!

Hey fellow GameSalad devs,

I know this has been mentioned before a few times but I just wanted to put another voice out there in favor of the OUYA. At first there was a lot of speculation that it might never become a reality and if it did, it would likely flop. Well some time has passed and it is very much a reality now. I think all early backers should have received their console by now (finally), and it has gone on sale in shops in a few regions too. Whether it becomes a success however is completely dependent on whether people develop good games for it. I think the Vita has proven that even amazing hardware can only go so far if it's under-supported.

That's where we (potentially) come in. I think the OUYA is a fantastic concept, well executed for the price, and some early games like Towerfall highlight the potential and benefits of having small mobile style games available on a big screen with physical controllers. There are lots of game genres I'd love to work on but they aren't always well suited to touch screens.

Also, I feel that the sooner we could get in to a new marketplace like this the better it would be. How many of us have put a game onto the overcrowded App Store and wished that we could have uploaded it in the early days where fairly standard games like Doodle Jump made millions of dollars. Obviously I'm not saying the OUYA is the next iPhone, but hey it couldn't hurt to have another option up our sleeves.

OUYA has the potential to be a great place for top indie games, if you agree (or disagree) make your voice heard! :) I'd love to hear some of your impressions on the new console.


  • RPRP Member Posts: 1,990
    I got myself an Ouya as well. In the upcoming months, I plan on porting a game over to it. I want to build some Ouya specific stuff as well. I'm enjoying it so far. The Amazing Frog, The Ball and The Bard's tale are what I'm playing on it now.
  • Asobu_GamesAsobu_Games PRO Posts: 261
    Oh nice :) So I take it you have coding skills outside of GameSalad then? How are you going about coding it?

    Haha Amazing Frog looks pretty funny, I downloaded it but haven't played it yet. I'll have to check it out the others too. To be honest I have spent most of my time on it so far playing Neo Geo games on the emulator.
  • RPRP Member Posts: 1,990
    Yup. You can go bear bones in the Ouya SDK. You can install in on your mac via terminal.
    Or you can use Unity which is greatly supported on the platform. Unity Script is not as scary as others, especially if you have used a scripting language before.

    Also check out Monogame it has been a popular tool for ease of use and check out Gibbo 2D for Monogame

    Yeah it's a great emulation machine for sure.
  • HymloeHymloe Member Posts: 1,651
    I'd really like to publish my next game to Ouya. It would be sweet. But Game Salad would need to support the platform, support the controllers, etc.

    Any chances of this do you think, @CodeWizard?
  • mataruamatarua Auckland, New ZealandMember Posts: 854
    Same here and that would be good going forward :D
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