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I've been a developer since december but haven't had the time to register for an ABN or GST (as required to sell paid apps).
now that i finally have registered for an ABN i need to register for GST. since apple collects the 7 cents (per sale of a 99c app) of gst for us automatically does that mean we still have to report to the ATO of our GST collection. because i am on the ATO website and they claim that we should report our GST collection quarterly but technically it has already been collected by apple



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    hey mate.
    this is an issue that provides much ambiguity.
    I believe you do not have to do so [report to ATO] as they do take teh funds. But if apple don't pay the ATO then it's bad luck.
    Again I am not sure as I am using an ABN under my parents but you can contact apple under the contracts page -> then going into "tax info".

    "Apple Pty Ltd invoicing itself on your behalf for the 70% revenue plus the 10% GST is conditional upon the Australian resident vendor being registered for GST. Even though you may not exceed the threshold of $75k for mandatory GST registration, Apple requires that you voluntarily register"

    *took from another thread*

    But I think the best option to see if you need to report to ATO is to contact apple about it.

    Always nice dealing with the ATO!

    Sydney Swans 2014!!

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    Hey mate,

    GST is required to be submitted quarterly to ATO. This also allows you to claim GST from the one been submitted.

    However, you need to make a certain amount of income before you are required to be registered for GST and GST claims.

    However, if you've recently registered for ABN/ACN do not panic. Best thing I would suggest is to take your financial report from Apple/Google play etc, and any other purchases you may have made in relation to your work etc and make an appointment with an account.

    Its easier for them to organize all the required paper work etc. And register you for various purposes with the ATO.
    I know some accountants have access to the ATO portal, which should help you in understanding your current standing with the ATO a lot better.

    Hope this helps,

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    ok thanks for your reply guys, it seems there a two different answers lol, ill have to contact apple to confirm. grr how i love the ATO
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    The Australian tax system is appallingly complicated (it seems like a conspiracy to keep a bunch of bureaucrats employed).
    I bet there is a calculation that can be made that proves it is cheaper for all if we removed all personal income taxes and just increased the GST.

    Australia is over governed, over taxed and over employs public servants.

    Whinge/rant over :)

    PS. I am not a LNP voter. are required to pay the GST you collect to the ATO on sales in Au and maybe even NZ. Apple send you a GST report with this data. But you only pay the GST collected if you earn over a certain amount a year (something like $50,000). Then you will have the pleasure of doing a BAS form quarterly.

    Speak to your accountant they can deal with it for you.
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    @lycettebros i agree, they are a complete pain in the a$$, I'm guessing your australian, if so do you report your GST from apps to the ATO??
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    Yes I do report my GST. It is not much but I am obligated.
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    My accountant prepares a BAS or business activity statement for each quarter, which allows you to properly submit it to the ATO.

    I am still a bit unsure about Google Play though, since it allows you to apply 10% GST on top of the price of your app worldwide. So my current app is $0.99 in Google Play worldwide, while in Australia its $1.10, since I need to have a set price of $1.00 AUD which then applies to the rest of the world in the respective currencies.

    It would be handy to find an online/mobile business savy accountant. :((
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    ok guys so after all that ive finally registered for GST, so you guys are saying if i dont earn over 50,000 i dont have to report to the ATO
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