ToastKitten Examples from 2010-11


So I rounded up all of the examples and templates that I personally made over 2 years ago and threw them into one little zip file. Some of the examples will only be usable when you load them onto a device, but you could easily change or add movement code and see how the examples work anyways. Lots of platformers in there ( I've always loved them ). 18 projects total, many of which are really interesting to look at :) Either way, here ya go!

Have fun! Message me if you have questions, or just make it easy and post the question so all can see it. Someone will probably answer it there before I do :3 Enjoy.


P.S. Here's a little summary of what's in there
- Color platformer
- Floating Ball game
- Selection example
- Pretty Particle example
- Angry birds example
- Color Palette & Painting
-Constrain to circle example
-Boss Concepts
-Fruit Ninja Example
-Doodle Jump Example
-Double Jump + Wall Jump
-Random loop thing
-Passing through platforms in a platformed
-VVVVV Template
-Two Button double jump platformed
-Repeat Until (whatever that means)
-"BA Platformer" lol
-Color Runner


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