The Big Picture - April Update: Stability

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Hey all,

So, I got this idea a couple of weeks ago to offer up a monthly "here's the grand scheme of things" update to our GS community. You have all been awesome and deserve to be in the loop as to some of our sinister plans for world domination.

Did I say "sinister"? I meant, cute & LOLcat-like plans for world domination.

Basically, it will work like this: every month, around this time, I will be posting a long post (on both blog and forums) clueing people into what's happening with GameSalad. You know, things like:

Where is the Dev Team focusing their efforts?

What changes can we expect for the website and forums?

What new features are we working on?

You get it - the BIG stuff.

Of course, we will continue to maintain an active (actually more active than in the past) presence on the forums and issues that require immediate comment will be addressed. This is more for long term - weeks, months, and years out - concerns and projections.

So, here goes! We present to you our first ever monthly BIG PICTURE update.


Following the iPad launch, new features are really going to take a back seat for bit in terms of GS development. Right now, our dev team is really focusing on stability and issues with the current tool. We want you all to have the best tool at your disposal as is possible. And what good would new features be if you're already experiencing crashes or memory leaks? We want the current GS Tool to be the best it can be before we worry about making it bigger, so that's why we're choosing to focus primarily on stability and reliability during this development cycle.


We've always had a great relationship with Apple and could not be more pleased with a platforming environment than that of Apple products. Like we said earlier, we want the current GS tool to be the best it can be before anything else. That means making it the best development tool available on Apple hardware. Stability and reliability are at the top of our current list.


I know it may feel like I'm answering the same question for the third time, but I wanted to take a moment to say that all the suggestions we've received via email and forums and even in person have all been great. They are extraordinarily insightful and well deserving of our attention. It is, by no means, a lack of interest in your suggestion. All of them would definitely help make GS and even better and more versatile tool. We just want to get the tool right with what's in it before we try expanding.

Please understand that we still want all of your suggestions. As such, we've created a "New Features?" forum thread. Feel free to continue to add your suggestions (one at a time, please) into this thread. It will help us keep track of what people are looking for and give your suggestion a much better chance of being noticed.

Check out the thread here.


As you've no doubt noticed, we've been updating and adding additional features to our forums section over the last week or so. We figured it was high time we got caught up and made our forum systems not quite so stone age. For those who haven't taken notice, or if you haven't really had time to assess all the changes, here's a little rundown of the improvements we've made over the last week or so:
  • Image and Video support - That's right, you can now embed video and still images into your forums posts. Certainly, this will help with sharing problems, solutions, and tutorials as well as adorable cats and their never-ending shenanigans. (Please try to keep the cats to minimum.)
  • Best Answer - Allows the topic starter or moderators to select which reply is a "Best Answer" to the original post.
  • Support forum - Changes the forum to a support forum and adds functionality to mark topics resolved, not resolved or not a support question
  • Subscribe to Topic - I know many of you have been waiting for this. Now members can track and/or receive email notifications for new posts on topics. There's a link at the bottom to view subscribed topics.
  • Thanks - Empowers users to leave a vote of thanks for posts (We've chosen to do it as "Like")
  • Quote - Each post has a quote link. This link will past the current post into the reply box as a block quote
  • Members Online - see who is online on the front page
Well, that about wraps up our first BIG PICTURE update. If you'd like to see a particular question answered, feel free to send an email to questions with BIG PICTURE in the subject line. Keep in mind that these should be more long term questions, not specific questions that you'd like answered in the next hour, day, or even week. This is a once a month type deal. "Big Picture" questions, please.

I hope this helps show you which direction are sails are set for the time being and I'm very excited for this to become a regular feature on



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