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How to fix No Provisioning Profiles Problem

Hi Guys,
I have read all the other discussions on this problem but they don't seem to work for me. I have changed the bundle ID to match the rest, it didn't work. I then re did the entire app process again, made a new app ID and new Provisioning Profile and then went to the online publisher did it all again, bundle ID matched all the others, app id and provisioning profile. I have my provisioning profile (new one) on my desktop but it STILL says it can't find a provisioning profile that matches my identity. Anybody know how to help?


  • zoopezoope Posts: 210Member
    Have you tried opening it in Xcode yet ?
  • IshanIshan Posts: 7Member
    How do you do that?
  • zoopezoope Posts: 210Member
    Start up Xcode, then double click on your provisioning profile, it should show up in the Library section of Xcode under provisioning profiles. You can read the App identifier and other details from there.
  • IshanIshan Posts: 7Member
    okay, let me try that
  • IshanIshan Posts: 7Member
    ok, i got to xcode, but now it says under my provisioning profile that it is valid signing identity not found. And I don't know how to access the app ID from Xcode
  • zoopezoope Posts: 210Member
    Have a look at this video by TSB, it should be able to guide you better.

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