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Strategies for app prices?

When I put my apps on the App Store the plan is to get PRO from the money at first. That way I can put ads and in-app purchases and make the game free.
Does anyone have strategies for this? Should I make the game free until it gets more popular and then make it 99 cents? Or should I make it 99 cents from the beginning.

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  • VGXVGX Posts: 796Member
    I think you should make it free, read all and listen to the reviews. Make an update (more levels, challenges, better graphics, etc...) market it (facebook, twitter, etc...) then if reviews are better, slap a price on it
  • Team6LabsTeam6Labs Posts: 541Member
    make it paid from the beginning.

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  • FajlajpFajlajp Posts: 666Member
    Make it paid from the begining. If it doesn't go so well make it free for a time and see if that goes better :)
  • Bad wolf GuyBad wolf Guy Posts: 206Member
    In my opinion. Make it free. You have two games. Your first should be able to give feedback, what people want to see ect. Make updates and use the feedback in your second game. Plus when you release your second one, it can be paid, and since you already have a few users, it could sell that few extra copies if you put an ad in the first one.
  • blue_elephantblue_elephant Posts: 505Member
    Hmm, very mixed opinions. Anyone else?

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  • VGXVGX Posts: 796Member
    People will give you different opinions from their experiences. You should do what you think will work for you.

    1. Make it free, get feedback, develop it further for the better, put a price, good luck.

    2. Charge 69p (99 cents), get one or two bad reviews then no one else buys it, develop it further anyway and people will have doubts. So you'll end up making it free to boost downloads hoping when you put the price up again people will pay.

    3. You could be really lucky and I hope you do well.

    But this is a decision you are going to have to make. If you have games out there already then learn from that. Remember to use facebook or twitter, free marketing right there. Spread the hell out of your game for people to notice. Hashtag it, #iOS #runner #platformer #puzzle etc... be confident in your game. That there should help you get people to download or pay depending what you do with it.
  • Team6LabsTeam6Labs Posts: 541Member
    Just a tip - If you fail at paid, you can always make it free. If you fail at free, it's very very difficult to make it paid.

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  • Bad wolf GuyBad wolf Guy Posts: 206Member
    Seriously, it's just ripping people off putting placing it for paid if its not a good quality app. This is where honest opinions are very helpful and vital. Take a look at your screen shots, ignoring the fact that you know the gameplay, and ask if you say yes you would buy it, then you made it to the next round. If your answer is no, set it free or make it better.

    If you make it to the next round. Ask someone on the forums who is brutally honest or someone who you barely know. When I do this I will be contacting @fryingbaconstudios. Dave doesn't know it yet but I know his opinion will be heart breaking. That's what you need.

    If they say they would consider paying for it or will buy it. Then set it paid. If not, and they would touch it or pay for it. Set it free, gain that feedback. Learn from it, make updates. Seriously, take the advice even if you think it's good the way it is. Your not the one paying money for it.

    I see so many games get released and I think, they neve got honest feedback.

    To be even more honest, you should have thought of this before development IMO.

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