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Languages and Localization

After some advice for multiple languages.
I have English plus 5 other languages with text & audio translated.
For iOS, I see I can edit the metadata for language selection via iTunes connect.
Do I then just upload my binary that has all the languages ? Are there any other steps I need to be aware of ?


  • Braydon_SFXBraydon_SFX Posts: 8,965Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Bowlboy Sidekick GameSalad Employee
    I think what that does is change the language of your app description, not the text within your game.
  • zzap64zzap64 Posts: 405Member
    thats right, I understand that the itunes connect meta data and in-game data needs to be translated, I was wondering if there are any other factors I need to figure in before submitting the binary.
  • fadamionfadamion Posts: 309Member, PRO
    Just make sure you give the user a way to select there language.
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