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Free app for a day and programming vs gamesald

Took a small break from game salad and created Image Garage. Just released version 2.0 last night and set it to free today for a very limited time just to gather some new version reviews.


The process of programming in objective-c is a much larger time frame then GameSalad and marketing a programmed app vs a GameSalad app is identical, so you better have a strategy. My strategy is to do what i can every chance i can because without money to back it, all I can offer is labor. I do miss creating games and unless I had a paid job and a full time artist I would prefer not to make a game without GameSalad. It's quick, it's fun and being part of the robot unicorn contest really showed how fast games could be made and allow people to focus on art as well as design. I love objective-c and making apps but i still have plans for massive survival rpg and other games in the future with game salad. Keep up the great work out there guys and if you can check out Image Garage.

P.S. GameSalad i would love to have a job adding more iOS features, multiplayer, push servers and notifications, camera control...


  • Team6LabsTeam6Labs Posts: 541Member
    Look's interesting, I will check it out. Would you ever consider making the source file available to us? I'm sure a lot of people here would be interested in learning how an objective c app works.

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  • contrasthallcontrasthall Posts: 131Member
    Team6Labs said:

    Look's interesting, I will check it out. Would you ever consider making the source file available to us? I'm sure a lot of people here would be interested in learning how an objective c app works.

    I'm feeling generous this weekend, Just made source available on the website

    if you guys download source please leave some positive feedback on appstore for us, thanks.

  • Team6LabsTeam6Labs Posts: 541Member
    Thanks. I'll leave a review on the us store

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  • TheGabfatherTheGabfather Posts: 633Member
    When I am working with a team, we normally go with programming the application. It usually takes us a month to a month and a half to have a pretty solid version to work with on actual devices. After that, it will take perhaps a month or two more to finish assuming no major fallbacks take place. For a team of four to five hobbyists that's not too shabby for a complex utility app/game made during our free times.

    When I'm on my own however, I almost never create something alone (unless it's a website) and I always resort to using Gamesalad. In a span of 2.5 days I can have a complex game complete with original art working on my device. Actually, with GS I start with Ad hoc tests at the end of Day 1 usually.

    Apps created with Xcode, Unity, and Visual Studio definitely run a whole lot smoother than those I create with GS and performance is almost always not a problem -- but the ease of use, simplicity of the tool, and ASTOUNDING speed of delivery is definitely a factor for GS to balance, if not tip the scale. Also take into consideration the changes happening in GS HQ and their fantastic progress with the tool's roadmaps -- in the near future, I can see this easily becoming something doubly bigger than how it is now.

    Yep, programming is my first love but I'm definitely not letting go of GS for good great reasons.

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  • contrasthallcontrasthall Posts: 131Member
    @theGabfather nice post, programming turn around for my application was about the same you spoke of, about 4 weeks for something I could start using as a solid test product and after putting it to some hard use finding and hunting bugs out and adding extra features for a 2 weeks after. I remember my first game with gamesalad was a puzzle that did really well on market and was made in a weekend and finished it all up next two day weekend, spent most of my time worrying about music and graphics which is great when you're a one man show like you said.
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