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Best way to publish to iOS with Windows

Gamelover456Gamelover456 Posts: 378Member
I am currently using GameSalad Creator for Windows and I want to know, What's the best way to publish IOS games without spending over 500 dollars on a Mac computer.


  • TivitraTivitra Posts: 32Member
    I'm using You get an own Mac rented on their servers and can connect to it through Google Chrome or through a desktop program. You can select a lot of different packages, you can pay per hour you use it (best if you just use it to send to AppStore), pay each week for a spesific amount of hours, pay per month for a spesific amount of hours and yearly for a spesific amount of hours. With spesific amount of hours, I mean that you need to choose how many hours you want to be able to use the Mac everyday, you can choose 3 hours, 5 hours, 8 hours and unlimited hours.

    You can also check out VirtualBox or VmWare Workstation (VmWare costs money) and after that buy the OS X to run on it. It's a lot of tutorials for this.
  • Gamelover456Gamelover456 Posts: 378Member
    thanks for the help.
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